Our Story

In November of 2014, my family and I rescued our first Great Dane and named him Oakley.  At four months old he weighed 41 pounds and wore a size L collar.  As the winter progressed, Oakley continued to grow, and grow, and grow.  Everywhere we went we tried to find him whimsical and fashionable collars and accessories but we were always told that people with giant dogs don't dress them up.  

By the time we rescued our second Great Dane, Mason, we knew that we needed to do something for our Gentle Giants.  So we started to create collars and accessories that were just their size.  

Then, along came Sophie.  We met a little bulldog that needed a home and she wanted to be a Real Big Puppy too.  The only problem was that she didn't fit our collars.  This led us to create smaller sizes and embrace custom orders for every puppy.

Our puppies loved them so much that we thought we would share them with all of you! 

From our Real Big Puppies to yours.  Enjoy!

-Kimberly, Bill, Abigail, Oakley, Mason and Sophie

Update:  Uh oh... We did it again.  Welcome our newest addition, Great Dane puppy Riley!!