• Kuranda Anodized Aluminum Dog Bed


    • Anodized Aluminum Frame and Corners are corrosion resistant and rust-proof
    • Light Weight
    • Easy to clean, guaranteed to stand up to repeated cleaning
    • Wide choice of replaceable fabrics & colors
    • Corners and legs are aluminum
    • Frame will last a lifetime in a kennel

    Heavy Duty Vinyl (40 oz. Vinyl) Kennel Recommended

    Our most durable option. Smooth surface, just spray and wipe clean.

    Smooth Nylon (Ballistic)

    Durable like Cordura but with a smooth finish that won’t catch hair, making it easier to clean.

    Textured Nylon (Cordura)

    Abrasion resistant high-denier nylon. This canvas is ideal for older dogs as it provides plenty of traction getting on and off the bed. It’s also the best fabric choice for dogs with sensitive skin or allergies.

    Outdoor Mesh (Vinyl Weave)

    Great for outdoor use, the open waterproof weave allows air and water to flow through, helping dogs stay cool and dry. Its open weave style keeps this fabric from being covered under our warranty.

    **All of our fabrics and beds can be washed or hosed clean with soap, water and/or disinfectants.